Why do people use our services?
There can be any number of reasons to use our services: The passing away of a loved one, downsizing, and a move into assisted living, moving out of town or out of state, and not taking much to the new home, the need to empty a house of all contents in order to prepare it for sale, or the desire to turn a collection into cash.

What services do you provide?
Estate Sales, Moving Sales, Downsizing, Liquidation Sales

How do I know which service is right for me?
We conduct a free on site visit.  Once we can see what the house contains, we will offer the best option for your situation.

The house is in Southern MN, but I live states away. Can you handle this?
We handle this all the time.  We can work with you over the phone, email or letter.

I have valuable items:  Should I call a dealer to buy those items before you?
NO!  Dealers make money by buying cheap and selling high.  By keeping valuable items for the sale, we attract a much larger crowd to the sale and you will make more money.

There seems to be so much junk in the house.  Should I throw that away before I call you?
Don’t throw out a single thing before we come to see the house. There is a lot of “junk” that is actually valuable.  Our team of experts can and will identify the good stuff.  Leave it to us!

What happens to anything left after the sale is over?
After a sale, we can arrange for someone to purchase all left over items, schedule a charity pick up or dispose of what’s left over.

Do you typically sell everything in my sale?
Although no estate sale service can claim to sell 100%, throughout the sale we typically sell between 80-95% of your selected items.

For some of my pieces, can I set the lowest price at which I am willing to sell them?
Of course! Joy’s Estates Sales and more understand that there is a price point at which you would rather keep your item than sell it. For any of your items you can establish a minimum price which we will not go below in order to sell it.

What is your commission?
We charge a percentage of the gross sales or a mutually agreed upon fee.