Whether you are trying to down size or wanting to sell years of your parents possessions.  Joys Estate Sales is the right Place!  When it cam time for my mom to downsize and move to a retirement community is wasn’t easy to try and figure out how to go about selling 51 years of treasures. After doing some checking around town, I discovered Joy’s Estates Sales and More. After meeting Joy, I knew she would help our family through this unsettling experience.  My mom’s house was overflowing with LOTS and LOTs of treasures.  Much of it hadn’t been looked at in years, so everything had to be dusted off, cleaned, washed and organized.  Joys team was great to work with.  They were friendly and focused on providing the best service and sale possible.  Joy and her team spent hours sorting, pricing and setting up sales displays in the house..Literally in every room. It was overwhelming to me and my family, but Joy and her fantastic team did a great job. It was so nice to just turn over the house to her and her team and be able to trust them totally.  Joy took care of everything..from planning, pulling items that she thought the family would want, advertising, selling and even helping us liquidate the left over’s that didn’t sell.  Overall my mom and family were very happy with the results of the sale and working with Joy and her team.  I highly recommend Joys Estates Sales!!!!  She will take care of you from start to finish.

DC – Albert Lea, MN

Both of my siblings and myself live in other states.  Our mother had to be moved out of her house and into a nursing home. After some time, we realized our mother would not be going back to her home that she had lived in for 60 years. What do we do?  I went on the internet and came across Joy’s website. We corresponded  by email and then by phone.  I can’t tell you what an overwhelming worry she took off of our shoulders.  Joy and her marvelous crew, cleaned, sorted, tagged and conducted the sale.  Joy did everything to advertsing, to arranging a dumpster and taking care of what was left over after the sale.  She was very meticulous when going through my mother’s things and saving important papers and keepsakes she felt the family should have such as my grandmothers diamond rings we thought were lost.  We appreciated everything Joy and her crew did for our family at such an overwhelming time in our lives.  Thank you Joy and crew.

LB – Fairmont, MN

I went to Joy’s Estates Sale and More after my mom moved out of her home.  The thought of trying to manage this myself was overwhelming.  Joy was able to fit our sale into her very busy schedule.  And finished quickly so we could get the house on the market.

BS – Austin, MN